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Z-Shell is actually more than just a shell replacement. It also features a managed library wrapping a very large portion of the Win32 API (mostly user32 and shell32 stuff). Some of the larger classes and namespaces represent sub-projects that could use some development on their own. They are listed below. Remeber that this list will grow as new sections of Z-Shell grow.

Shell Related Classes
  • A shell namespace based file browsing library is needed to allow for folder windows, desktop icons, etc.
  • ShellEvents provides window manager events such as window creation, deletion, activation, etc. The HSHELL_GETMINRECT message doesn't work.
  • SystemTray gives us notify icons, and eventually we should handle AppBar messages as well
User32 Related Classes
  • The WindowInfo class provides a base for just about everything that can be considered in this category. It wraps around a native window's handle and provides just about every type of information about the window you could ever want. It can continue to expand with new features targeting every usage nitch.
  • The HotKey class allows registering hotkeys with the system and provides events for handling them.
Shell Controls
  • The AllProgramsTree provides a start menu's all programs list. It functions very similarly to the Vista all programs tree in many ways, and actually improves in other ways.
  • The TaskBarControl provides a highly customizable taskbar type control using the ShellEvents class. It can take on the look of your system's current visual style to various extents.
  • NotifyIconBar displays notify icons and handles user input for them.

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