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Z-Shell is an open-source, managed, Windows replacement shell written entirely in VB.NET. If you don't know what a Windows shell is or why you would want to replace it, see the FAQ. The end vision is to have a highly customizable, theme/style-based shell and editor. You will be able to actually design every part of the shell from menus to panels to taskbars using a fairly simple theme editor.

Z-Shell is managed by Z-Systems. The Z-Systems site also contains a Z-Shell page.

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Where are we now?

Z-Shell is currently in a very unstable state. There is no file system browser yet, but the current setup consists of a working start menu, and working taskbar, and a working notification area. Small pieces are missing in what is there, and there are probably many bugs. It is not yet recommended that you use it regularly, except for testing.

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